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I absolutely love my new pre-owned Toyota! I felt totally at ease from the moment I walked in & was greeted by my salesman Rick Mayo! Rick was thorough, conscientious & I would recommend him highly. Riley & Amanda were over the top in finding the best choice for me in insurance. The aforementioned folks at Hoselton have restored my faith! My experience was an all around pleasure!


We saved money and received excellent service from an extremely friendly staff. We highly recommend the Hoselton Agency!


I worked with Shelly, not only did she save me money on my car insurance she was able to cut my homeowners almost in half and get me more coverage. Great people to work with!


Hoselton Agency found me a better car insurance policy after my previous insurer raised my rates. Would do business with them again.


I appreciate the honesty Shelly exhibited during our conversations about my insurance premiums with not only my previous insurance but with The Hoselton Agency as well. The amount was negligible, but the customer service caused me to go to Hoselton. Thank you.


Shelly called me to follow up on my recent car purchase, asked if I wanted to look into different insurance. I said yes, she was able to save me a great amount of money and was very helpful and friendly through the whole process.


The last time I purchased a car was 12 years and 193,000 miles ago. I have had a very positive experience during my entire buying process here at Hoselton. It was made even better by saving money on acquiring my insurance here, too. I have found each individual experienced, friendly and knowledgeable. I met Riley Hoselton and found her to be down to earth. Thank you for making buying a car enjoyable!


I was unaware that Hoselton offered to check and obtain insurance. I was happy they did. I received a cheaper rate than I was paying on a five year old vehicle (I purchased new). In addition, as an added bonus I was able to combine my auto and homeowners which resulted in additional savings.


My experience was excellent, the entire process was extremely simple and convenient. Shelly was very helpful and found me an outstanding insurance rate. Overall, it was a pleasurable experience.


Riley was amazing, she was able to switch companies and paid close to $100 less a month than if I stuck with my old company.


If one wants great support and service, I would definitely recommend Riley Hoselton. I appreciate the time and help rendered to me on getting the insurance policy. Keep up the great work. It is nice to be associated with Riley.


Riley was awesome. She helped me fully understand the insurance options, which was especially helpful for it being my first time buying my own car insurance. I would highly recommend going through her!


Shelly has been so friendly and caring throughout my first leasing experience. It is very clear to me as a new customer to Hoselton that your employees genuinely care and are attentive and sensitive to customers needs!


I am happy to purchase car insurance from Riley Hoselton. She is very helpful and professional. Her explanation make me decide she is the right car insurance agent.


Our experience with Molly and the Hoselton Agency was outstanding. Molly was so very professional and friendly.


Molly set us up with our auto and homeowners policies, and she is so nice! I came in on the Lollipop Farm day, and she spent a lot of time with me explaining and running quotes for me. My husband and I came back a week later with our (now old) policies and she was able to set us up with our new ones. She took the time to get to know Bruce a little bit and answer all his questions. She had another person she was working with and she made sure to take care of both parties very well. Personable, professional, friendly and kind. Excellent!!! PS, she pointed out the coffee machine made chai. Thank you for that!


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